Some Interesting Facts about Optometry and Optometrists !!

  • Optometrists have a better social & family life for a medical professional, as compared to other fields of Medicine.
  • Students interested in medical science who cant bear the tiresome/gruesome of job performing surgeries can easily opt Optometry.
  • No Emergencies, No off duty calls. The minute you leave the work place, you are done for the day.
  • There is negligible paper work like writing reports, or worrying to get prepared for meetings etc, it is some how a prestgious job.
  • After a few years in practice the job can start to feel a bit predictable and repetitive routine make a person boring and dull.
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  • There will be patients with difficult conditions, but its infrequent and generally optometry is a career with low stress levels.
  • Optometry allows doctors to have a better personal connection with their patients unlike the hasty environment of emergency.
  • Insurance might be considered a down side for optometrists since the companies are now dictating the costs and tests to doctors and also recommending the patients to specific doctors, which is negatively affecting the business.
  • Optometry is so much more than a bunch of letters on the wall, it actually involves complete ocular and systemic health issues.
  • A good Optometrists wouldn’t force you into designer glasses just for their own profits.Its your choice to buy them at the clinic or any other place.

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